Janssen Advocaten / Janssen Lawyers and Attorneys at Law Wassenaar
Our History

Our offices in Wassenaar exist since 1975 and our lawyers are therefore thorougly experienced and well known.We like to help you and help you well ! We are a generic law firm and can help you well with generic legal affairs for your personal problems (such as your divorce, social security benefits , problems with suppliers, the municipality or the police), or your business problems (e.g. debt collection, contracts, software licenses).

Of course, you do expect from your attorney that he is competent, knowlegable and experienced. But why not get more ? For example: Our lawyers can help you in multiple subjects of law and given their corporate background are well placed to think with you about different corporate solutions. 

For individuals: For our most customers we represent all their affairs, such as divorce and alimony and rental Affairs. At Janssen Wassenaar Attorneys at Law we understand that clients have a lot at stake personally and professionally and will go to bat for you to protect your rights and minimize any potential damages.

For our corporate clients: you will find the value add as within our offices you can talk to an economist and business lawyer about everything that affects your company.


Van Zuylen van Nyeveldstraat 110, 2242AT Wassenaar - Zuid Holland, Netherlands
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