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General Conditions

1. These Terms and conditions apply to all services that the lawyers associated with the firm Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar delivers to their clients. Whenever a client calls upon the services of Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, he is deemed to know these terms and conditions and accept them without reservation.

Any conflicting terms will only be applicable with prior written acceptance by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar. These terms and conditions also apply to future activties between the parties. Any addition, change or deviation from these general conditions, can only be done through prior, written consent by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar.


2. If the client conducts any activities with one of the lawyers connected to Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, the contract is deemed to have been signed between the client and the lawyer in question. Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar has the ability to assign tasks to each of the lawyers who are part of the firm Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar. Each lawyer at the office Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar  is working individually and at their own expense and risk. Each lawyer at the office is registered as an independent entrepreneur and is individually registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Each lawyer at the office has its own professional liability insurance and carries its own financial records with individual VAT number. The lawyer accepts no liability for the work of one of the other lawyers or for the office as such and any related persons to the office or for work or actions of others.


3. Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar undertakes to perform its services within a reasonable amount of  time. In case

of specific deadlines, Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar will undertake reasonable efforts to ensure to fulfill  these deadlines. Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar is in no way liable for exceeding time limits due to the client, to third parties or in case of force majeure.


4. The lawyers of the firm Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar are subject to professional secrecy. All letters, opinions, pleadings, etc. Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar forwards to its clients, under the express reservation that the  client respects the confidentiality of the contents.


5. All advice, opinions and  written documents originating from Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar are protected by intellectual property rights and shall in no way be used or reproduced without the express prior written permission of Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar. The aforementioned documents are specific to particular situations and specific clients and therefore cannot simply be transposed or applied to other situations or persons, without a new analysis by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar.


6. As for any material or immaterial damages that the client might suffer, the contractual and extra-contractual liability of Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, and those of all lawyers who are part of the firm Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, is under all cicumstances limited to the amount  which is paid out under the  insurance policy in the matter.The amount that is  applicable, will be communicated to the client on request from the client by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar. In the unlikely event that the professional liability insurance does not pay out, the liability of Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar is in all cases and given all circumstances limited to the fee that the client has paid to the lawyer in question the previous 12 months.


7. The client indemnifies Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar and all lawyers who are part of the firm Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, for any claims by client or third parties arising from the provision of services by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar, except in cases of gross misconduct or willful misconduct from Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar.


8. Unless otherwise agreed between Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar and client, invoices Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar its performance and its costs, including office expenses of 6% and any other expenses to third parties, including court costs and bailiff costs, according to the Janssen Law Wassenaar customary rates as specified in the Website www.janssen-advocaten.nl, from time to time the market prices are adjusted. Janssen Wassenaar Lawyers reserves the right to request an advance payment prior to the delivery of services. Janssen Wassenaar Lawyers reserves the right to return or to retain the client’s file to the client and to cease proceedings for the client, if the client does not or does not fulfill his or her payment obligations Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar complies. The payment obligations of the client shall also include the payment of the advance amount Janssen lawyers has charged the client.


9. The invoices from Janssen Wassenaar Lawyers must be paid to the bankaccount and within the period stated on the invoice. In the absence of a payment, Janssen Wassenaar will  automatically and without prior notice  charge the legal interest on the outstanding amount, calculated from the invoice date, and an additional fee (which is at least 15% of the invoice amount ). Any complaint regarding an invoice must be directed to Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar by registered letter within eight days after the invoice date,  the invoice is deemed irrevocably accepted if failling to do so.


10. If, after conclusion of the contract, unforeseen circumstances will make the implementation of the agreement

by Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar more difficult or if it appears that higher related costs will be made, Janssen's Lawyers Wassenaar is entitled to suspend the execution of the agreement and to amend the conditions upon which the agreement was entered into.


11. The agreement between Janssen Wassenaar Lawyers and the client are governed by Dutch law.  In case of dispute, the court in The Hague has exclusive jurisdiction, except that Janssen Lawyers Wassenaar also has the right to bring proceedings before the court of the domicile or seat of the client.


12. If any provision or part of any provision of these Terms will be declared invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


13. These general conditions have been drawn up in both Dutch and English. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or intent of these general conditions, the Dutch version shall be legally binding.

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