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E.A.M Brouwers Bouwman

EAM Brouwers Bouwman graduated in Dutch Law at the University of Leiden and has practiced Law since 1994. She has extensive experience in helping both private and corporate clients.

Tel: +31-6-41833614
fax: +31-84-8833237

Private Practice:
Mrs. Brouwers has handled many family law cases as well as cases in the areas international child abduction.  She is an expert in helping in areas such as divorce, alimony, as well as rental discputes, divorces, or social security disputes.

Corporate Practice:
Mrs. Brouwers has also worked several years as a company lawyer for an international IT firm. Should you have legal problems with contacts, software licences or maintenance licences or do you need assistance with debt collection ? Mrs. Brouwers also has experience with drawing up legally binding contracts and agreements for companies .

Van Zuylen van Nyeveldstraat 110, 2242AT Wassenaar - Zuid Holland, Netherlands
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